Ninurta supports refugees and preserves handicrafts


Ninurta set up a warm and colourful educational centre just next to its workshop.

It started in 2016 to accommodate the children of women attending training sessions.

Children are offered remedial support and recreational activities. These activities place a particular focus on mutual respect, shared community life and hygiene education, as well as improving academic skills and personal development. The activities are characterized by creativity, celebration events and fun for all.



  • Children coming from deprived families.
  • Children of women participating in Ninurta’s workshops.
  • Children from various nationalities and sectarian backgrounds.
  • Children from one month to 13 years old.
  • Children mainly living in Beirut and the suburbs.


Development of self and artistic expression:

  • Music, dance, fine arts, laughter therapy, crazy dance, yoga.

Development of cognitive and educational capacities:

  • Reading, writing, learning through playing.

Development of social and behavioural skills:

  • Social emotional activities, Himaya’s supporting programs, community work.


Main topics

  • Healthy food, respecting the environment and recycling, hygiene education, a culture of sharing

The educational center has welcomed 290 children between 2016 and 2017.


Our future projects

- Provide psychosocial support to children.

- Strengthen and develop learning support.

- Diversify and develop educational and recreational activities.